Havana Club Grounds takes you to the most underground club-nights in Italy: we attended the craziest Milanese party! Havana Club transports you to an inclusive community, with workshops focused on art and creativity: music, fashion, photography and parties to savor Havana Club.

With Havana Club Grounds the ambition is to bring together and empower local communities to collaborate together in a label-free place, that is both art and movement. We captured every moment of the busiest night of the year!

Havana Club rum embodies the spirit of Cuba, enjoyed by Cantineros and rum drinkers from around the world to the beat of the best Cuban music.

The three best-selling rums Havana Club 3, Havana Club Especial and Havana Club 7 embody the style of Cuban rum, with the complexity and elegance that comes from natural tropical ageing: it’s amazing how easily they can be mixed and how they change the taste than a classic drink!


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