The Olearia project has deep roots, which convey the importance of the Apulian territory, with precious potential and unique characteristics. We had the opportunity to witness the entire production process which is the basis of the quality of Olearia products, from the olive harvest to cold pressing, but also the production of typical dairy products.

Ancient gestures, rituals and stories that guard the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape and plants of strategic importance for food, such as olive trees. We were welcomed as a family by Davide Serani, who introduced us to the skilled hands that shape the culture of traditional taste.

Olearia is a true Mediterranean experience in which to immerse yourself with your eyes closed: it takes you back to the ancestral connection between man and nature, it makes you find your time, feel the scent of home.

Extraordinary products reflect the naturalness of the fruit of a lifetime, which we have told by dedicating space to images of daily life and work: photos and videos that enhance products of great value, such as the three types of Extra Virgin Olive oil Olearia, cold pressed. Mediterraneo, Reinèlla and Gagliardo, now with a new image ready to conquer every palate and enhance the taste of each dish.


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