We organized the right image of the G-Smile project: we took care of the whole brand identity, from the creation of the logo to the video and photo contents. Now everything is ready to get this project off the ground, Lisa and Beatrice can communicate their services in the most professional way and be competitive in the world of aesthetic medicine.

The G-Smile protocol was in fact selected to be presented at the IAPEM 2022 national congress of aesthetic medicine, and it is only the starting point of an all-female path!

The G-Smile project is the new protocol born from the collaboration between doctors Lisa Lampis and Beatrice Mainardi, designed for the treatment of the “gummy smile“. What enhances a smile, besides the beauty of the lips and teeth? The harmony of all the components of the smile with each other! This is why this mission was born: to treat the gingival smile in a non-invasive, painless and fast way.

To obtain the best results, the smile is treated using botulinum toxin, which ensures an ideal result on excess free gum or a structural problem. Follow G-Smile Project and discover our work!



What We Did

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