The Bob’s counter is the pulsating heart and meeting point, an irresistible attraction for those always seeking something new and intriguing. Thanks to targeted communication, BobVol.7 is much more than a simple cocktail list: it is a unique and unforgettable chapter in Bob’s history.

Craftsmanship and creative vision become the pillars of a sensory experience that blends Oriental origins with Milan in an irresistible mix.
Immerse yourself in the unique world of BobVol.7! We’ve created an atmosphere that captures the essence of a place that goes beyond mere drinking: it’s an experience to be shared.

In the backdrop of Milan’s Isola District, we handle its entire communication. Specialized in the art of transforming ideas into engaging experiences, making this sensory journey possible through a blend of colors, flavors, and atmospheres that capture the essence of the venue has been incredible.

Not only have we curated the art direction and communication of the new Drink List, but we also take care of Bob’s visibility at every event, making the guest nights that make Bob’s counter so unique and famous.


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What We Did

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